Humanity’s greatest accomplishment is our ability to innovate.

We believe innovation is the result of combining the will and determination of curious individuals with technological advancement. 

There are those whose curiosity knows no bounds. The ones who push humanity forward.

Among them is where HBeyond lies. Spearheading the industries that will shape the future of mankind.

In business as in life, we are guided by the foundations of a legacy with unwavering values and principles.

We are determined to write the next generation of stories, beyond the limits of the imagination where innovation thrives.

Gonzalo Hevia Baillères

Gonzalo is a visionary serial entrepreneur driven by curiosity and the firm belief that inspired people can change the world. Gonzalo is determined to turn grandiose ideas into reality to push humanity forward and have a positive impact on billions of people’s lives. He believes that one must be led by intuition in life and that for any entrepreneur, developing this skill is the key to transforming our reality.

He has co-founded companies in different sectors spanning artificial intelligence, logistics and fintech.

Gonzalo is the founder and CEO of HBeyond, a global investment company focused on spearheading the industries that will shape mankind in the next 50 years.

Previously he was focused on Ubiqüe, where he was founder and CEO. Ubiqüe aims to enable commerce growth by re-shaping mobility with technological solutions to build a more sustainable world and impact the lives of one billion people. By building the largest out of home (OOH) delivery network through the use of automated parcel machines (APMs) and PUDOs, to serve as consolidated pick-up and delivery locations, Ubiqüe offers a true omnichannel experience for online shoppers. Ubiqüe was formerly known as Lok and was part of an M&A transaction with Chazki where Gonzalo serves as co-founder and Chairman of the Board.

He is also co-founder and Chairman of the Board at Insaite, a company who enables organizations of any size and technical expertise to adopt Artificial Intelligence technologies by developing customized solutions and user-driven products.

Gonzalo is the founder and Chairman of the Board at Rubik Ventures, an investment group specializing in creating technology business that are revolutionizing fast growing industries, enabled by Artificial Intelligence and IOT.

He serves on the Jr Board of Directors at FEMSA and Coca-Cola FEMSA, a Mexican multinational beverage and retail company operating the largest independent Coca-Cola bottling group in the world and the largest convenience store chain in Mexico accounting for over 320,000 employees in 13 countries and the third largest public Mexican company by Market Cap.

Gonzalo is the youngest recipient of an Honorary Doctorate from the World Leader’s Organization for leading an outstanding life committed to building a better society and his achievements in the field of entrepreneurship.